So.. when you get a gerbil, you may be asking this question; How many? The usual answer will be two. Try to get two males or two females. Male and female... well, you get it. Although, some people may be jumping up and down for the idea of not one, but two. However, some people may ask this question "What if i like one more?". To tell you the truth, I did. I got my gerbil Bandit. Just one, because i was afraid. But i have realized that two gerbils are happy gerbils. Did you know that if you get two gerbils, they will live longer! (not to mention, happier to!) And also, two gerbils are no harder to take care of than one. I now have a new gerbil. This is one of my quotes:

"What being a gerbil owner means

Being a gerbil owner means saving those cereal boxes, just for them. It means taking all toilet paper tubes, anywhere, anytime, no matter how silly you may look. Being a gerbil owner means saying no to going to do what you want, so they can have their exorcise. It means writing on the gerbil forum about everything they do. It means posting pictures. Boasting about how you hand trained yours. It means spending money and time. But its all worth it every morning when you wake up, and watch them climb out of their hut, and give a yawn. Being a gerbil owner means looking after them, and freaking out when something goes wrong. It means watching them climb up your arm and into your hood. It means occasionally hunting them down, when they happened to go under your bed. It means thinking of when you had your hamster, and knowing your never going back. Gerbils are not just a pet. Gerbils are something else. Who knows why, but we love them. "

Yes, i wrote that.

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